Great River Tech learned from the lab the trace VOCs analysis since 2010 and transformed into the product of Thermal Desorption(TD) over 5 years.  At the same time, GR started to invest in the related products applied in gas monitor station and gas analysis until today .

With the foundation in technology and honesty to serve customers, we expect that we may offer customers by the most precise and  practical technology, and by the most efficient plan in operating benefits.  This inspire us to create and develop the monitoring applications into the quality data in ambient air, flue gas, lab analysis and on vehicles, by the net and data base based on technology.

After the efforts in these years, the products on processes in developing and developed status are targeted the fields to develop in VOCs on-line monitoring and off-line analysis systems, such as ambient air, flue gas , gas analysis in lab, monitoring on vehicle, and  flame proof or safety control in plant area, etc.

Our expectation to GR is to pursue further strength in technology to lead the integration of market demands and of solutions for all kinds, and to create the further and better future of the products with our customers.